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Overkill Fabrication is based on making simple, quality products for the racing enthusiast who wants simple solutions to everyday frustrations when modifying there vehicle.  
The first product developed is the
Quick Release Bumper Cover Kits.

The QRBCK grew from that desire of "there's got to be a better way" question when removing the front bumper cover.  The factory fastener system wasn't allowing for a quick, easy, and repeatable removal from my second gen. Mitsubishi eclipse gsx. The QRBCK
system was born.

The QRBCK system allows for repeatable removal of the cover with minimal modifications, and mounts in the OEM locations.
Products and prices are listed on page two as well as the install instructions listed at the bottom of the page.
2g DSM (1995-1999)Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon  QRBCK kit pieces.


Legal Disclaimer:
Parts fabricated and sold by Overkill Fabrication LLC are high performance and or racing parts, and in some states MAY not be used for street or highway use. It is the buyers responsibility to check all state and local laws before purchase and installation. The buyer/ installer of these parts purchased from Overkill Fabrication LLC acknowledges that they will be used in compliance with all state, and local motor vehicle laws and that installation of these products may impact the vehicles performance and safety beyond the OEM design and purpose. Overkill Fabrication LLC offers installation instructions/ advice were applicable for these products with the understanding that each customer will undertake its own diligence with regard to evaluating, purchasing and/ or installing any of these aftermarket parts and accessories. Overkill Fabrication LLC is not responsible for any damage, alteration, improper use, or other costs beyond what is supplied with each product sold by Overkill Fabrication LLC.
Warranty and return policy:
Overkill Fabrication has a 30 day from date of invoice/ purchase return policy on the purchase cost only. Shipping costs for returns will not be reimbursed. If any product sold by Overkill Fabrication has been shown to be defective within 30 days from the date of purchase, liability is limited to the cost of the replacement part. Shipment of replacement parts shown to be defective will be at the cost of Overkill Fabrication LLC. Any product shipped in error (wrong part) will be replaced at no change to the purchaser and shipped via the same method as the original purchase.
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Shipping policy: I am the owner, fabricator, and all around one man operation of Overkill Fabrication LLC which means I do everything. I make every attempt to ship out my products within the ASAP time frame of 1-2 weeks, and have done it next day in some instances from the time of purchase on most products. If there is a delay in shipping beyond what is stated above I will contact the purchaser and inform them of the delay and expected date of shipment. I will refund purchase costs if this is not acceptable and is done before shipment of the purchased product.

Owner/Fabricator Christopher Delp
Located in Frederick, MD

contact me:
Phone: 301-401-1479
email: chris@overkillfabrication.com
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